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The Jasper Public Schools Foundation (JPS Foundation) was incorporated in December 2002 to support teachers and thereby benefit students associated with the public school system in Jasper, Texas.

Through the leadership of the Board of Directors, monetary gifts are used to provide :

  • classroom instructional needs proposed by JISD instructional staff; 
  • clothing for identified students who are in need of assistance; and
  • support for other worthy programs in the district.

The JPS Foundation “Give a Gift” program connects classroom needs and projects with those who want to support students and teachers involved in public education.  It allows donors to have the opportunity to be personally involved in their giving.  For more detailed information for this project, visit the “Give a Gift” link on the JISD home page.

The JPS Foundation student clothing fund is a vital program.  School counselors contact the JPS Foundation when there is a need to assist students.  Often times the request is because of family financial difficulties.  There are other times when a student is homeless or a fire destroys the family home.  Regardless of the situation, the JPS Foundation is quick to respond to the need as long as there are funds available.

The Foundation, led by the Board of Directors, seeks funds to support these programs by:

·       Soliciting donations for the general fund from area businesses, philanthropists, alumni and parents;

·       Offering opportunities for monetary gifts to be given in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and other significant events of friends and loved ones; and

·       Offering opportunities for groups or individuals to support the Foundation by honoring the memory of loved ones and friends.   The honored  individual’s name is posted on the Memorial page of the Foundation web site.

·       Providing a Jasper ISD employee deduction plan that provides a means for faculty and staff to support the Foundation on a regular basis;

·       Promoting teacher Give a Gift proposals to individuals or businesses;

The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization.  All gifts are acknowledged with a letter from JPSF documenting the money received. There are no administrative costs associated with the Foundation.  100% of all donations support Jasper public schools and students. 

Support of the Foundation provides an opportunity for Jasper public school exes and friends to continue to enjoy and contribute to that special Bulldog spirit. If you would like to make a donation, send it to:

Jasper Public Schools Foundation

PO Box 2243

Jasper, TX 75951

Additional information may be obtained by contacting

Jamie White at 382-1386